Literary Touristic Tours

Hita is a very important spot in two major touristic tours. Both of them follow important characters and literary works: El Cid Campeador and the Libro de Buen Amor.

Camino del Cid (The path of El Cid)

El Cantar del Mio Cid is considered one of the foundational texts of Spanish language. Written in verses in the XIIIth century, the book tells the story of a brave soldier unfairly sent into exile who would eventually fight the Moors and win his reputation back.

Some chapters take place in our province, Guadalajara and, more precisely, in the part known as "La algarada de Álvar Fáñez" our hero crosses the land of Hita. Here, El Cid and his troops camp in Castejón de Henares. From there he sends his captain Álvar Fáñez de Minaya with two hundred men to plunder the fertile plains of the rivers  Badiel and Henares:

"March down through Hita, and then arrive at Guadalajara,"

"and to Alcalá itself, must your avant-garde advance,", he did say.

You can do this tour by car driving on local and regional roads or also on foot just following the long-distance footpath called GR-160 marked with red and white marks. The hiking route between Castejón de Henares and  Guadalajara covers a distance of 62 kilometres.

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Libro de Buen Amor (The Book of the Good Love)

The second tour goes through the lands of Juan Ruiz, the Archpriest of Hita, author of the Book of Good Love, a medieval compilation of stories related to romantic affairs.

The author, a famous clergyman, served in the church of Santa Maria of Hita, nowadays disappeared. He knew well the neighbouring town of Brihuega which was property of the archbishops of Toledo back in the day. The Archpriest also walked the paths of these mountains going through towns and places such as Beleña de Sorbe, the monastery of Bonaval in Retiendas or “the black villages” of Guadalajara. These ones called so because of the colour of their houses, made of slate.

Another of the these many roads travelled by Juan Ruiz will take us from Hita to Alcalá, said to be his hometown. We will walk along the banks of the River Henares and pass, among other places, through Mohernando, and Guadalajara.