Medieval Festival of Hita

The Medieval Festival of Hita was born in 1961 thanks to the initiative of Professor Manuel Criado de Val and can be considered the oldest Medieval Theatre Festival in Spain.

The Festival gives the visitor a retrospective view of the economic and cultural splendour of Hita. The streets and squares, decorated with banners, torches and garlands, are a true recreation of an atmosphere of celebration in the Middle Ages. Knights, maidens, clergymen... walk around Hita to the sound of the music of dulzainas, rabeles, and hurdy-gurdy (medieval musical instruments). The presence of dancers and masked people from the province creates a magical atmosphere that will amaze the visitors. 

One of the most outstanding acts is the theatre, performing in the streets great literary works from the Middle Ages.

In the Palenque, the knights practice for battle before the tournaments. There are fights of endurance on foot, with lances and swords. Thousands of spectators enjoy this show every year.

The residents of Hita pay homage to the Archpriest, author of ‘El Libro de Buen Amor, with a parade of typical carnival characters, a parody of medieval tournaments, based on his book. 

The atmosphere in the streets, the handicraft market, the visit to the caves and wine cellars, the traditional gastronomy and many other activities take during this day the visitor centuries back and allow to imagine how life was in the Middle Ages. 

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